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Ann Louise Bardach has written for virtually all the major media in the U.S. and

the U.K. - the New York Times, the Washington Post, Politico, the Wall Street Journal’s Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Slate, The Guardian, Financial Times, The New Republic, Newsweek/The Daily Beast as Writer-at-Large and Vanity Fair, where she was a reporter for a decade.



A prize-winning author and journalist, she has covered an eclectic range of political and cultural issues - from crime reporting to elections to matters of faith and belief to the nature of celebrity. The Columbia Journalism Review has called her "the go-to journalist on all things Cuban and Miami."



She is the author of Without Fidel: A Death Foretold in Miami, Havana and Washington and Cuba Confidential: Love and Vengeance in Miami and Havana, as well as the editor of The Prison Letters of Fidel Castro and Cuba: A Travelers Literary Companion and served on The Brookings Institution's Cuba Study Project.  Her book Cuba Confidential was a finalist for the New York Public Library Helen Bernstein Award for Excellence in Journalism and the PEN USA Award for Best Nonfiction, and named one of Ten Best Books of 2002 by the Los Angeles Times.  In 1995, she won the PEN USA Award for Best Journalism for her reporting on Mexico in Vanity Fair magazine; the year previous, her Vanity Fair coverage of the impact of Islamic fundamentalism in the West was a finalist for the PEN USA Journalism Award.



An intrepid reporter known for securing hard-to-get admissions from Fidel Castro to E. Howard Hunt, she has interviewed several dozen U.S. and world leaders and personalities. She is frequently seen and heard on television and radio and has appeared on 60 Minutes, the Today Show, Good Morning America, Dateline, CNN, Nightline, The O’Reilly Factor, Charlie Rose, National Public Radio and PRI's Marketplace. She created and wrote the Global Buzz column for Newsweek International and the Interrogation column for Slate.



She started the Global Journalism class at University of California at Santa Barbara and is on the board UCSB's Carsey-Wolf Center for Film, Television and New Media and was also a Resident Scholar with the Orfalea Center at UCSB. Several of her articles have been anthologized in KILLED: Journalism Too Hot To Print and Mexico in Mind (Vintage).



In the mid 1990s, she began her research into Vivekananda, the formidable Indian sage, making her way through nine volumes of his writings. In  2011-12, she published two pieces about Vivekananda - in the Sunday New York Times and in the Sunday magazine of the Wall Street Journal.




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Without Fidel: A Death Foretold in Miami, Havana and Washington (Scribner 2009)

SIN FIDEL (Grijalbo 2012)

The Prison Letters of Fidel Castro/Cartas del Presidio- co-Editor and Preface

(Nation/Avalon  2007)

Cuba Confidential: Love and Vengeance in Miami and Havana
(Random House/Vintage/ Penguin U.K./ RH Mondadori -- 2002/2004)

Cuba: A Travelers Literary Companion - Editor and Preface (Whereabouts Press - 2002)

Vicki: Careless People in the Reagan Administration co-author (St. Martins - 1986)



Mexico in Mind  - edited by Maria Finn (Vintage - 2006)

KILLED: Journalism Too Hot To Print - edited by David Wallis (Nation/Avalon - 2004)



2010 - Miami Herald - Ten Best Books of 2009

for Without Fidel: A Death Foretold in Miami, Havana and Washington

1995 - PEN USA Award for Journalism
"Mexico's Poet Rebel" - Vanity Fair, July 1994

1994 - (Finalist) PEN USA Award for Journalism
"Tearing Off The Veil" - Vanity Fair, August 1993

2001 - (Gold) City and Regional Magazine Award for Profile
"The Last Tycoon" - Los Angeles Magazine, April 2000

2003 - (Finalist) New York Public Library Helen Bernstein Award

for Excellence in Journalism
for Cuba Confidential: Love and Vengeance in Miami and Havana

2002 - Los Angeles Times - Ten Best Books of 2002
for Cuba Confidential: Love and Vengeance in Miami and Havana

2003 - (Finalist) PEN USA Award for Best Nonfiction
for Cuba Confidential: Love and Vengeance in Miami and Havana

2005- City and Regional Magazine (Silver) Award for Reporting

for "Taming the Hydra-Headed Carnivorous Tabloid Beast"

Los Angeles Magazine - Sept. 2004

2005 - (Finalist) PEN USA Award for Best Journalism

for "Taming the Hydra-Headed Carnivorous Tabloid Beast"

Los Angeles Magazine - Sept. 2004



CBS Special Correspondent on Fidel Castro

Resident Fellow- Orfalea Center at Univ. of California at Santa Barbara
Advisory Board - Carsey-Wolf Center for Film, Television & New Media at UCSB
Writers Guild of America / AFTRA / SAG
PEN America Center/PEN USA

The Brookings Institution - Cuba Study Project
The Pacific Council on International Policy




New York University School of the Arts

UCLA;SUNY at Stony Brook
Hunter College B.A./M.A. in English Literature


60 Minutes / 60 Minutes II

Good Morning America

The Today Show


Morning Joe
ABC World News

National Public Radio

All Things Considered, Tell Me More, Diane Rehm et al.

PRI'S Marketplace & The Takeaway
CNN - News/ International Hour
CNN w/ Don Lemon

CNN w/ Kira Phillips

PBS Tavis Smiley Show

BBC TV with Matt Frei

BBC Radio

BBC World - Business Matters

ABC's Late Night Live w/ Phillip Adams (Aust.)

MSNBC - News w/ Brian Williams

NBC's Dateline
PBS Charlie Rose
FOX Rivera Live/ Fox News

FOX The O'Reilly Factor
CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Co.
Discovery Channel
A&E - Biography/ Pacifica Radio
MSNBC Hardball w/ Chris Matthews
Democracy Now w/ Amy Goodman

MSNBC -Dennis Miller; Internight

KCRW's Which Way L.A.? w/ Warren Olney

NPR/KCRW To the Point

KPCC Take Two

KPCC w/ Patt Morrison

Voice of America



2007- 2010: The Brookings Institution - Cuba Study Project

June 1998; June 2010: Commencement Speaker University of California (Santa Barbara)
March, 1998: Speaker/Panelist Florida State Bar Media Conference
1997: Judge (Journalism) PEN USA Literary Awards
1999, 2000, 2005, 2006: Judge (Current Affairs) Los Angeles Times Book Awards
March, 1999: Expert Witness on Investigative Journalism

                          in the Larry Matthews Trial - Federal Court, Maryland
2000- 2011:  Global Journalism seminar University of California Santa Barbara
October 2014 - Columbia University J School conference "Covering Cuba"



1988 - 2015


S.B.Independent - Dec. 11, 2014

"Santa Barbara Takes to New Jersey Brass-Knuckle Politics"



"Lifestyles of the Rich... and Parched" - Aug. 24, 2014

Los Angeles Review of Books

"Yoga: The Art of Transformation" - September 4, 2014

The Washington Post

"The Man Who Loved Dogs"- March 28, 2014

New York Times T Magazine

"Sacred Retreats of California" - October 6, 2013


Fidel's Last Stand - December 17, 2012

The Wall Street Journal Magazine

"Vivekananda: The Pied Piper

of the Global Yoga Movement" - March 30, 2012

The Daily Beast

"The Bicycle Thief"- [Ronni Chasen Pt .2] - Dec 2011.

"The Lonesome Death of Ronni Chasen" Dec. 2011

"When Jerry Brown Met Fidel, Elian & Phillip..." Oct 5, 2010

"Our Tenant, Rielle Hunter"  March 16, 2010

"The Day Castro Wept" Sept. 17, 2009

"Castro Family Values" Sept. 20, 2009

"Trouble in Florida" Oct. 30, 2008


Miami Herald/ San Francisco Chronicle

"Channeling Fidel" - December 11, 2009

The Financial Times

"The Long Goodbye" - Fidel Castro's "My Life" - Nov. 10, 2007

The Atlantic
"Twilight of the Assassins" - Nov. 2006


The GOP's Bill Ayers? McCain's Own Problems - Oct. 15, 2008,
Slander: The Assassination of Alberto Coll - July 11, 2005

Interrogating Ahmet Ertegun – Feb. 25, 2005
Listen to the Admiral – Adm. Bob Inman Tell All – Dec. 6, 2004
Scavenger Hunt: E. Howard Hunt Talks - Oct. 6, 2004
Hoodwinked – Glenda Hood and the Florida Vote -August 26,2004
John Kerry’s Cuban Problem - April 26, 2004
Oliver’s Twist - Oliver Stone Meets Fidel Castro - April 14, 2004

Newsweek International
"Global Buzz" Column - January  to June 2003

New York Times- Sunday Review/Op-Ed

Sunday Review- "The Stomachs of Strongmen" August 21, 2011

Op Ed - "Argentina Evades Its Nazi Past"  March 22, 1997
Sunday Op-Ed - "A Purge With A Purpose: Castro's Round Up" April 14, 2003
Sunday Op-Ed - "Twilight of Fidel Castro"  August 13, 2006

New York Times Magazine
"A Cool Blonde in Hot Band: Debbie Harry"  August 26, 1979
"The Dark Side of Cosmetic Surgery”  April 17, 1988
"Star Pols"    November 5, 2000

New York Times

"A Plot On Castro Spotlights Exiles" May 1, 1998
"A Bomber's Tale" (series) July 12 & 13, 1998
"Cuban Exile Leader Accused in Plot on Castro" August 26, 1998

Pacific Standard

"Dreamers of the Carbon-Free Dream" Oct. 30, 2014

"We'll Always Have Fidel" Oct. 15, 2012l

The Washington Post

"The Sugar King of Havana" - August 15, 2010

"Oily Diplomacy": BP and Cuba - June 6, 2010

"50 Years Later: Who Wins and Who Loses" - Jan 11, 2009

"The Lonesome Death of Carol Gotbaum"  - Oct. 14, 2007

"The Prison Letters of Fidel Castro" - Feb. 25, 2007

"Why the FBI is Coming After Me" - Nov. 12, 2006

"The Inventor of Fidel"  - July 1, 2006

"Cuba at the Crossroads - Feb.12, 2006

"Our Man's in Miami"  - April 17, 2005
"The Spies Among Them: Havana and Miami" - Jan. 25, 2004
"Revolutionary Road"  - Feb. 15, 2004
"Castro Family Values" - Jan. 9, 2000

The Los Angeles Times

"Fidel's Long Goodbye" - Nov. 13, 2009

"Three Ways George Bush Makes Fidel Happy" - June 19, 2005
"Florida's GOP and the Black Vote" September 26, 2004
"Olympic Games: The Clock is Ticking" May 9, 2004
"Morons of the Year" January 4, 2004
“Bush’s Miami/Dade Cuba Policy “ Oct. 25, 2004
“It’s a Tab Tale” Arnie Vanishes!!!” Oct. 2, 2004
"Bush's Miami/Dade Cuba Policy" October 25, 2003
""Restraint Saved the Day in 1962" October 27, 2002
"The Lion in Winter"   August 25, 2002
"Elian Gonzalez: The Winners and Losers" April 9, 2000
"Cast of Characters in a Family Melodrama" January 30, 2000
"For Castro, Tug of War Over Boy is All Too Personal" Dec. 26, 1999

Los Angeles Magazine
"Arnold! Taming the Hydra-Headed Carnivorous Tabloid Beast!” – Sept. 2004
"The Last Tycoon" April, 2000
"The War of the Rosebushes" September, 2000


The New Yorker
"Candidate Beatty?" October 7, 1999
"War Hero Goes to Hollywood" October 4, 1999
"President Warren Beatty" September 6, 1999
"Ink"    July 26, 1999
"Ted Turner in 2000?" November 23, 1998

Talk Magazine
"Forever Fidel: A Life History of the Cuban Leader" August, 2001

The New Republic
"Did Tom DeLay Lie Under Oath?" February 15, 1999
"Turkey on the Brink" July 7, 1997
"Our Man in Miami - Miami Exiles and Jorge Mas Canosa" October 3, 1994
"The White Cloud: The Latino/HIV Stealth Epidemic" January 5, 1995

The Guardian
"Champagne and Tynan: Kenneth Tynan's Last Words" September 24, 2001

Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review
"The Marielitos and Miami"  April 25, 2005
"Danced Out in Havana"   February 29, 2004
"My Dinner with Fidel"    July 21, 2002
"The Dirty Realism of New Cuban Fiction" March 18, 2001
"Waiting For Fidel & Cuba Handbook" February 1, 1998
"Cubana & The Voice of the Turtle" October 18, 1998
"Nazi Gold: Bankers Without Shame" July 6, 1997
"A. Oppenheimer's - Bordering on Chaos" April 28, 1996

George Magazine
"Elian's Boat: The Untold Story" May, 2000
"Something About Mary: The Widow Bono" August, 1999

Vanity Fair
"Edgar's List: The Swiss/ Nazi Connection" March, 1997
"Vesco's Last Gamble: The Final Years and Capture of Robert Vesco" March, 1996
"Missing Innocence: The Case of JonBenet Ramsey" October, 1997
"The End of the Hustle - Part III of the Glendale Body Double Murder" December, 1995
"The Trail of A Hustler - Part II of the Glendale Body Double Murder" November, 1992
"The Murder Hustle - Part I of the Glendale Body Double Murder" October, 1989
"Casablanca on the Caribbean: Cuba in Transition"   March, 1995
"Mexico's Poet Rebel: Subcomandante Marcos and Mexico in Chaos" July, 1994
"Conversations with Fidel Castro"       March, 1994         (reprinted in Proceso)
"Tearing Off the Veil: Women and Islamic Fundamentalism" August, 1993
"The Spy Who Loved Castro: The Dubious Story of Marita Lorenz" November, 1993
"Queen of the Leaks: Nina Totenberg & the Hill/Thomas Hearings" January, 1992
"A Fever In the Blood"    January, 1991

Conde Nast Traveler
"Cuba: No Longer the Same" November, 1995

Los Angeles Times Magazine
"The Trials of Marvin Mitchelson" October 9, 1988

The Sun-Sentinel
"A Familiar Tug of War" January 16, 2000

"Send in a Woman" Interview with Hanan Ashrawi April, 1992

The Vedanta Kesari
"Journalism and Power"  - Essay on Values and Journalism - December, 1995

Buzz Magazine
"The Cotton Girl: The Cotton Club Murder Trial" November, 1991
"The Heretic: Michael Callen's AIDS Campaign" Jan/Feb. 1992


The Village Voice
"The UMW Contract: Can Labor Survive the 1980's?" Sept. 25, 1978

The Soho Weekly News
"The Not So Lonesome Death of Nancy Spungen" Oct. 26, 1978
"A Victory for Sid Vicious" January 18, 1979
"Another Break for Sid Vicious" January 18, 1979
"Death Trips" February 15, 1979
"Bad Boys" July 26, 1979

New York Times Magazine
"A Cool Blonde and a Hot Band" August 26, 1979

WET Magazine
"Interview: Kenneth Anger" March/April 1980
"The Heavy Heart of Tim Hardin" Sept/Oct. 1980
"Interview: Paul Morrissey" Sept./Oct. 1980
"Interview: Christopher Lee" Jan. 1981

"Jailhouse Interview: Bobby Beausoleil & the Manson Murders" Spring, 1980
"Billy Jean King/ Marilyn Barnett" December, 1981

"Faithfully Ours" - Marianne Faithfull July, 1980
"Interview: Jake La Motta" May 1981

High Times
"Interview: Marianne Faithful" October, 1980
"Johnny Lydon - Slashing Through the Public Image" November, 1980

L.A. Weekly
"Vicki Morgan/ Alfred Bloomingdale" October 28, 1983 - November 3, 1983
"Medium Rear" - Media Column  September 12, 1985
"Gentleman's Agreement: A Study in Privilege" April 25, 1986
"Death of a Documentary: The Saudi Princess " June 19, 1987



Talk Magazine
Angelica Houston and Robert Graham
Ed and Dana Ruscha

Santa Barbara Magazine

Jeff Greenfield

Playboy/WET/Oui/High Times   1978-82

Jake La Motta
Johnny Lydon
Bobby Beausoleil/Christopher Lee
Paul Morrissey - Kenneth Anger
Tim Hardin - Marianne Faithfull



The Land - Rastar, IndieProd, Fox
Composure - Warners; Fox
Reclaimed Warners (Director - Arthur Penn)
The Canvas - Columbia Pictures
Backtrack - Vestron (Director - Dennis Hopper)
Hope Street - Columbia Pictures


The Legacy NBC (Gaylord Prod.)
Sorry Wrong Number CBS (Jack Grossbard Prods.)



Without Fidel: A Death Foretold in Miami, Havana and Washington

Scribner  ISBN 978-1-4165-5150-8

The Prison Letters of Fidel Castro

Nation/Avalon ISBN#13:978-1-56025-983-1 & 10:1-56025-983-3

Cuba Confidential: Love and Vengeance in Miami and Havana

Vintage -ISBN# 0375-50489-3

Cuba Confidencial - (en espanol) Grijalbo - # 0307242897

KILLED: Great Journalism Too Hot To Print

Nation Books #1-56025-581-1

Cuba: A Travelers Literary Companion

Whereabouts Press #1-883513-11-1


w/ Joyce Milton- St. Martins Press ASIN # B000OR2SGI




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